Make your own challenge and invite your friends
What is CKURU?

CKURU is an application for cycling lovers that allows you to challenge your friends to complete a journey or segment within a specific time frame.

How does it work?

Once registered, you can enter Ckuru and select the segment of the challenge and the start and end date in which you want to make the challenge.

Enter the emails of your friends and with this data an email is generated with the invitation that reaches your friends, the free version only allows up to 10 invitations.

Once they accept your invitation, and complete the segment using their STRAVA within the specified timeframe, they will be ranked.

Your friends just as you can see the ranking and how are completing their challenge.

You can generate all the challenges you want. And at the same time, your friends can also make their own challenges and invite you too.

Enjoy your Ride